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Street Food Chef

Shredded Beef Cheek Taco

Soft tacos, filled with onions, feta & tender beef, with a hot & spicy coating.


30 minutes


1 hour


10 people


1kg beef cheek, trimmed

Splash of olive oil

80g Street Food Chef Dark Mexican Style Seasoning

32g Essential Cuisine Beef Stock Mix

2ltrs water

400g red onion, finely sliced

50ml lime juice

200g feta cheese, roasted for 20 minutes, then crumbled (optional)

Coriander to garnish

20 soft tacos


1. Seal off the beef cheeks in a hot pan with a little oil.

2. Bring the water to the boil with the Street Food Chef Dark Mexican Style Seasoning & Essential Cuisine Beef Stock Mix.

3. Place the beef cheeks in a pressure cooker & pour over the beef stock. Cook for 45 minutes under pressure.

4. Take the sliced red onions & pour over the lime juice, leaving to marinate.

5. When the beef cheeks are cooked shred & pour over a little of the stock to keep moist.

6. Place a little of the beef in the middle of each taco & top with the red onion, feta & coriander to garnish. Serve.